Good and Bad News in Weight Loss!

So I have some good news and some bad news….the good news is that I am losing weight… the bad news is that I stink at blogging! :) I wanted to keep up with this more…but it’s been hard.

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So I started out around 217 pounds and have lost about 10 pounds. I have found a nice routine that I do that I got from my FitnessPro app on my iPhone. Basically I try to focus on keeping my heart rate up, and work out the big group muscles like my arms and legs. The idea behind this, is that I’m keeping up my cardio and building up muscle. When I build up muscle, that bigger muscle burns more fat! YES! hallu forte

I have also switched gyms. I was with Gold’s Gym, which I really like, but I got a new job in another location, so I tried to find something a little closer. So I’m at Planet Fitness, that way my girl friend can go with me for free. I don’t mind it, except it doesn’t have a steam room and their machines are of lower quality. hallu forte

I’ve also recently decided to go mostly organic. I’m not a stickler for this, but I try to shop organic with about half my stuff. I shop at Whole Foods. I’m not sure if it’s really helping, but I may need to track it long term.

I have slowly been able to increase the amount of reps and exercises that I do. I don’t fully follow my FitnessPro plan, I’ll switch some of it up with different exercises. Hopefully here in the future I can get up my fitness workout online so you guys can see it. hallu forte

I’d love to here from you guys on your thoughts about going organic and sharing you fitness plan! κλικ

Keep on Keepin’ on: Fitness and Weight Loss is not Overnight

I’m discovering that this “fitness-weight-loss thing” does not happen over night! When I weighed in about a week ago I was around 214, but sadly this last Thursday I evened out at 215.5. I thought I had lost weight and was on a roll. But I guess not! :( There are a couple of things I want to accomplish. I don’t just want to lose weight, I want to be fit. The scale number isn’t so important as me being able to have endurance and strength. That is what I’m aiming for. I’ve also been have a lot of back pain, and am hoping that losing some weight and adding muscle to my core will help with that. I even get really bad headaches, that I think are tension head aches.

Because of my recent headaches, and because I’m on my feet a lot at work, I’ve decided that stretching before exercising is pretty important. I think that I will write an article on the importance of stretching and some different pre and post workout stretches to do! And as a side note I also want to write something on the health benefits of a steam room and what to lookout for when going to one. (My gym has one, but there are some precautions one should take! :) )

This last Monday I worked on my back and triceps. I’ll go ahead and list the different exercises that I did, but eventually I’m going to just have a page that has all of my workouts, and then I’ll just name them and you can go to that page and see the complete workout with pictures.

Here they are:

cable straight arm pull-down
cable triceps push-down
drag curl
one-arm row
hammer curl
back raise
ab crunch on a ball

I also do about 5 minutes of cardio between each set. This keeps up my heart rate, which is good when losing weight! I’ve only been able to do two sets because I go in the morning before work, and don’t leave myself enough time. To really get the workout I want I probably could use another half/hour.

The Stair Master!

This Tuesday I wasn’t really feeling like doing something all organized, so I pretty much just used the Stairmaster and wandered around the gym doing random exercises. I know that’s not the best way but it was a rough day…what can I say. And then today I actually had a job interview (which went very well I might add) and so I was unable to go to the gym. But tomorrow I’m back on schedule!

I’m been trying to eat healthy too. It’s been a little hard. The healthy part isn’t a big problem, but it’s the portions and the amount of times a day that I eat. Sometimes when I cook I feel the need to eat all that I cook. That’s why isn’t not a good idea to eat alone I think!

I’m really trying to work on my abs. I feel like it’s the core of me, and if I can improve that, maybe my back and some other things will start getting in line! Oh! I finally took pictures of me as a “before” picture. Not flattering at all, but you get what you get! If you have any fitness tips and can coach me in some good advice I welcome it!

The Start of My Weight Loss Journal!

The Start of my Weight Loss Journal!

This is a picture of me Fat!

See that belly!? Yeah I see it too :( This was actually not current, but represents about what I look like when I’m over weight!!

I know many of us, when we want to start something new (like losing weight) generally plan, get motivated and buy a bunch of  healthy foods from our local grocery store. We might even go join a gym and count all the calories! Well, that’s me (except for the calorie part…I’m not doing that yet) I’ve joined a gym (Gold’s Gym), bought some good food and now I’m out to lose some weight and become more fit! I’m actually about two weeks in already, and thought that a weight loss journal online would help make it fun and keep me going! It’s been a while since I’ve done a lot of physical fitness stuff and so I don’t know  the best way to lose weight, but I will learn. I figure if I eat less and healthy along with exercise I will  start to see some results!

So, I’m overweight!

My name is Brandon, and although I don’t look terribly overweight, according the the BMI (Body Mass Index), I am in fact obese. I weighed in a couple weeks ago at 217 pounds and I’m only 5’7”. My goal is to get down to about 175 pounds. I don’t think I’ve weighed that much since I was like 15 years old. I live on my own and don’t really have a kitchen, so sometimes its really hard to eat healthy, it’s much easier to just go to McDonald’s a splurge on the $1 menu! (Man I love the $1 menu! You feel like you get so much food for far less the price of a regular meal, right?!?!)

This is a picture of me and my girlfriend!

Just a random picture of me and my girlfriend! Yeah we’re crazy sometimes :)

The thing about doing this online, is that your exposed to the whole world, or at least everyone that comes by. I’m considering doing video blogs that corresponds to my posts, but not sure I have enough courage to do that. I’m gonna put up some “before and after weight loss” pictures as well! My overall plan is to update this about twice a week detailing how my workouts go at the gym, a synopsis of what I ate and my overall progress to my weight goal! Also, I think I’m going to put a couple of pages that details my current workout routine and diet. It should make things fun and help me stay on track! I also hope to  start a newsletter type thing that gives tips and advice on weight loss and working out.

Two Week Update

Since I’m starting this two weeks in, I thought I would catch you up to where I am! The thing about gyms is that they can be overwhelmingly intimidating. You step in there, and you’ve got all of these insane people who know every exercise in the book and your on the treadmill wondering what button to press to get the thing started. So, in my case I decided I needed a plan or I was just going to go from machine to machine aimlessly. I decided to download an app called iFitness Pro off of iTunes for my iPhone. It’s like $1 so it doesn’t put you out much. It’s has just about every exercise in the book and even has some videos to show you the more complicated moves!

Getting a plan!

I’m still trying to find the best exercise routine. The best one I found so far, was their pre-made plan for weight loss. It has me doing 5 minutes of cardio and then physical exercises that work out the whole body. I then do another 5 minutes cardio and do the exercises again. I do this two or three times. I also want to do some strength training. I’m not out to get a similar physical body to those bodybuilding  people, but to just be fit and toned.  I don’t think I’ll ever get the weight loss workout routaine because I think that it will keep changing to whatever I need.

Eating Right!

This is a picture of me looking a little better!

I’m still overweight in this picture…even if it doesn’t look like it! But it was when I was lighter. The black make me look skinnier! lol :)

I knew that if I didn’t start eating right, that I wasn’t actually going to lose a whole lot of weight, even with the exercising. This is hard for me, because I don’t like to spend a lot of money on food (it’s expensive…go figure. I mean you spend money on food…and then it’s gone in like a couple days!). But I decided that food is important and that I should spend more money on food, so I did. I’m even thinking of going the organic route…but this is proving to be a lot more pricey! If you have any ideas of eating healthy and cheaply I would love to hear about it.

Join me on this Weight Loss Journey!

I would love for you to come along side me on my weight loss journal and maybe we could even lose some weight together! If you’ve started a diet and want some accountability, feel free to post your story in the comments below!